Limbic Coaching Certification Training

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If you hear from your clients “....that they are faced with a challenging or stressful situation or ...that they cannot take the proper actions despite their current knowledge and skills or ... they continiously react in the same manner and find themselves in the same position...” it is time to start working with the limbic coaching method...!


Brain research shows that our "emotional brain" chooses our actions based on memories and emotions, long before our "thinking brain" gets involved. That’s why many people find it difficult to follow through with their resolutions to change a behavior. The Limbic Coaching method starts at this point by purposefully utilizing mental self-healing capacities to dissolve blocks in the limbic system (the emotional brain).


What’s Special about the Limbic Coaching Method?


•    Limbic Coaching is a coaching method which aims permanent and sustainable change by way of working on our “emotional brain” which is the source of emotional blocks and stress. Limbic Coaching method directly involves our limbic system which is kind of storage for memories and is hard to access through rational thinking or speaking.


•     With this unique approach, which complements all other coaching methods, participants gain even more flexibility and increase their effectiveness in change work with clients. By integrating the client’s emotional brain, they work “on the correct brain floor” where blocks originate but can’t be solved with language or logic. And another useful “side-effect” is that several components of the method are also very effective for self-coaching.


Which Techniques Does the Limbic Coaching Method Combine?


The Limbic Coaching method is based on science, logic, and common sense. It uniquely combines a variety of well-proven components:


•   Guided eye movements - for optimal cooperation of both brain hemispheres

•   Other ways of bilateral stimulation

    (alternating auditory and tactile stimulation according to a particular protocol)

•   A practical muscle response test that works to identify the correct starting point for the

    coaching and to evaluate its effectiveness

•   Solution-focused communication - to enhance the goal-orientation of the coaching


What Can Be Accomplished with this Method?


Limbic Coaching is a highly effective coaching tool for facilitating rapid and sustainable transformations in individuals who want to get optimal results and be prepared for any challenge.


Based on the latest science of how our brains work and process information, emotions, and stress, the Limbic Coaching method is the tool of choice to help clients:


•   increase their stress-resilience, creativity, effectiveness, and overall well-being

•   implement changes and new behaviors

•   overcome personal and professional disappointments and setbacks as well

    as blocks on the way to their goals

•   facilitate clients’ access to their knowledge and skills in any situation and context


Qualifications Required From Participants


•   Having completed at least a basic coaching training of 60 hours

•   Having completed an NLP or hypnosis certification

•   Having completed a training on EFT

•   Having received a graduate degree from psychology


CCEu Credits


This training has been certified for Continuing Coach Education (CCE) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Upon successful completion of the certification course, and demonstration of two cases on limbic coaching to be approved by Sylvia Kurpanek the participant receives 30 CCEus.

Programme Leaders:

Sylvia Kurpanek & Pınar Aydemir


8 - 11 June 2017 (4 days)


Until 15 April 2017: 1.750 Euro + VAT

After 16 April 2017: 1.900 Euro + VAT

Group Discount:

In case of every two persons enrolling together,

each of them will get an additional discount of 200,- Euro.

Pınar Aydemir: +90 (532) 671 12 02    |   Canan Demiral: +90 (532) 316 10 55

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